Paint Spray Booth Filters

Spray Booth Filters and Paint Spray Booth Filters

paint spray boothNational Filtration Products supplies spray booth filters / paint spray booth filters (paint arrestors, cross draft panel intake air filters, downdraft ceiling filters, air makeup pads pockets and bags, plus exhaust or extraction filters).

We can now reduce costs and increase efficiency by supplying you with both top quality down draft or side draft intake filters and a wide variety of over-spray filters.

 Spray Booth Filters and Paint Spray Booth Filters:

  • Exhaust Filters
  • Overspray Filters
  • Downdraft Media
  • Accordion Filters
  • Andrea Filters
  • Poly-Wire Filters
  • SSP Filters (*Self-Supported Panel Filters)
  • Booth Paper
  • Powder Coating Filters
  • Intake Filters
  • Cartridge Filters
  • Paper Paint Arrestors
  • Paint Pockets
  • Fiberglass Arrestor

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